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VA Loan Refinancing

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Centex Capital Helps Veterans With Home Loan Refinancing

United States military veterans can get VA loan refinancing for their current homes through a New York mortgage broker offering VA loans. Veterans can benefit not only from reduced rates, but from lesser paperwork requirements that accompany application for other mortgages in New York. We at Centex Capital can help walk veterans through the intricacies of refinancing.

We specialize in helping veterans secure VA loan refinancing. Eligible individuals include active military personnel or veterans who have current mortgages in New York.

We can guide qualified active military personnel and veterans through the process of obtaining a Streamline VA Refinance Loan. These VA loans are easier to obtain than other mortgage instruments because of the reduced paperwork. A Streamline VA Refinance Loan features no income or credit check or out-of-pocket expenses, no appraisal, allows refund of existing escrow account and fast closings. In addition, the program allows applicants to skip a maximum of two mortgage payments and includes up to $6,000 in energy efficiency upgrades.

New York has one of the biggest populations of military veterans. The availability of historically low interest rates makes refinancing within reach of many qualified individuals. Other advantages of obtaining refinancing through a VA loan is no monthly mortgage insurance or reserve is required.VA loans are not 100 percent credit driven, meaning applicants do need to have perfect credit to qualify. These loans are also fully assumable, meaning if applicants choose to sell their home in the future, the loan may be transferred to the new owner. We at Centex Capital advise veterans that they must be current on their present mortgages in New York in order to qualify for refinancing.

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