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Jumbo Mortgage

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Jumbo Mortgage Refinancing

Jumbo mortgage are of a higher loan amount than what a conforming mortgage is, such as those insured by Fannie Mae or other government programs. Borrowers are required to have proof of income to cover loan costs and any other documentation that may be required by their lender. By using the services of our mortgage company  Centex Capital borrowers will not have to go to several lenders to get the financing they need. A jumbo mortgage for refinancing can be complicated and our mortgage company will be able to help borrowers navigate the rules and paperwork involved.
For many jumbo mortgages and super jumbo mortgages, the value of the property itself is an important factor. Most lenders will require two appraisals from separate companies to be sure the collateral justifies the amount being loaned against it. Mortgages in New York tend to be higher due to the value of property in most counties.
We are familiar with all the ins and outs of the real estate game and has access to several lending partners to ensure the borrower gets the best terms available to them. We have the tools to make the process that much easier, especially when refinancing a jumbo or any other type of mortgages in New York the borrower may need. Property is a major investment for anyone, whether a first time buyer or an investor, so finding the right financing can save thousands of dollars over time. Refinancing occurs for several reasons, the most popular one being to lower the rates that are currently being paid by the borrower. The secondary reason is to pull out some of the equity in the property in the form of cash for whatever purpose the borrow may need it for.

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