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Construction Loans*

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There are many options when it comes to obtaining a construction loan. Before you try to obtain one, you should know what your options are. You can get a short term loan, or you can get a long term loan. You have to decide which option is best for you depending on your financial needs. You should also try pre-qualifying for a construction loan before you actually apply to one. This will actually help you determine if the requested loan amount is within your budget. This also allows you to find out exactly what the monthly payment is going to be.

Obtaining a construction loan it is recommended for you to contact us at Centex Capital and speak with our loan professionals so they can explain all the details.

A good thing to do is to factor in all of the interest reserve, as well as the contingency funds into the cost of building your new home. This will all help you in the long run, and it will help you make a lot more smarter decisions when trying to obtain such a loan.


*This product is not regulated by the New York State  Department of Financial Services

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