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Obtaining Condo Mortgages in New York

queens regencyMortgages in New York have their own set of rules and regulations, and a Condo PurchaseĀ is no exception to this rule. The guidelines in place for condo financing may be more complex than for a standard single family home purchase, therefore it is always advisable to seek out a reputable mortgage broker.
We at Centex Capital is an industry leader when it comes to obtaining a condo mortgage at the best rates and programs. Some requirements for obtaining a condo mortgage are related to the other units in the building. There must be a minimum number of units sold and occupied by the owners before a mortgage can be underwritten.
Professional management is also a requirement. Be sure the building you have considered purchasing in has these conditions met before signing any sales agreement.Contact our loan professionals to begin the process of finding and funding your condo mortgage to avoid many of the pitfalls that can snare the unwary purchaser.
Condo Mortgages in New York is our area of specialty and we are well versed and up to date on all the new lending policies that have been enacted over the recent past. We will assist you in gathering all the information that will be needed to begin the process, as well as submitting your information to a wide variety of lenders. This lending network will enable us to set up the best loan with the terms and conditions you need for your budget.Attempting to seek out a mortgage on your own can be even more time consuming than the actual house hunting process. Individual lenders must be contacted, paperwork submitted and then the wait for approval. All this can be handled in our office by our licensed professional staff.

Click here for our Approved Condo Buildings list.

Contact us for more details about Condo Mortgages in New York and to see if you qualify.Email us or call us atĀ (800)842-2910.

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