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brokerThings are changing in the Mortgage industry and lots of mortgage brokers and mortgage originators are jumping and switching over to the Banker side. We can’t begin to start telling you that you are making a mistake. The broker business will be around for a long time, we have been around since 1993 and will continue to grow in the decades to come.

If your broker is closing shop or your broker is switching over to Banker , then we invite you to remain as a loan officer working for a broker. We are located in Queens and have been servicing the entire New York State for decades. We invite you to remain in the Mortgage Broker field and grow with us. We are looking for Loan Originators to handle our loan volume. Either you are experienced or just starting out , please don’t hesitate to call us and set up an interview. Hope you are true to the Mortgage Brokerage industry and join our organization.

Please e-mail us or call 800.842.2910.

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